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An Invitation to Disconnect


Humble Beginnings

It is a mindfulness practicing centre for lay people as well as a monastery for monks engaged in Buddhism. We practice in the plum village traditions as taught by venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. It could also be called Zen Meditative way of living.

It is an opportunity to enjoy a restful simple living. We learn how to cultivate energy of mindfulness while we do our ordinary daily activities like eating, washing, walking and sitting. By this very practice itself, we could transform our individual suffering. Accept the fact that disappointments and dissatisfactions are inevitable.

We understand that the time and space to escape from the hustle and bustle of life can be in limited supply, which is why we dedicate so much time and effort into all the preparations. We’re sure doing something right, because most of our guests keep returning for more.

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This is all you need to know - Dr.Ranganath Masthar MBBS.,MD

Why meditation is Difficult? - Dr.Ranganath Masthar MBBS.,MD

Why is Zen impossible to explain?- Dr.Ranganath Masthar MBBS.,MD


India Plum Village Retreats
Headthale, Nanjangud Taluq,
Mysuru, Karnataka 571312

WhatsApp Only: 98456 54397

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 Our stay in the ashram from 8th to 11th July was a enriching experience.The meditation sessions were really fulfilling and we learnt to focus on the breath.Dr Ranganath masthar led us effectively in the path with his vast and indepth experience in this area.There is a lot to learn from him to practice mindfulness and be successful in our lives.Hope to attend more retreats in the future. Thanks a lot to him for his selfless service and enthusiasm to propogate this wonderful way of life.
Narendra babu

His teachings is so true right now right here seriously removes all our stress , ego , worries etc a minute of concentration over breath has a magic to control our anger sorrows etc....Zen is a wonderful way to lead a practical life rather than sitting for hours and offering payer in temples and religious places those people knows only to discriminate people in the name of caste but this zen way of life cares about everyone and helps to lead a healthy peaceful harmonious life..

Thank you

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