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All people around the world, you see would agree with this one point. We all want to be free from worries, anxieties. We want to lead a satisfied life. Look, if you are really serious and mature enough to go deep into this and try to understand this, you will see, all over the world, everybody will agree that you CANNOT have just happiness always, a pure 100 percent happiness. That is impossible Unhappiness always accompanies our happiness as if it is a package. They, both go together. ? That is fine. Ok A good discovery, but here is the trouble. The human mind works peculiarly. It knows that pain and happiness go together. It knows. But it wants to separate pain from happiness and desires to find a pure happiness. That is how the mind works. You give some pleasure to it; it enjoys it and then desires to keep it for a longer time. And that is very hard. And then it feels dis-satisfied. So, and then the mind starts searching everywhere, for a trouble-free, joyfulness which sustains for a very long time. And if possible, for entire life. So, the search goes on. Where can I find a way? Who gives it? The search goes on.

And now here comes a guru a Bhagavan a Jagadguru a sadguru, a swami, an oceanic powerful man, a godman, a veduta. This man is basically a business man. He knows about the demands in the market. He promises you a sustaining happiness, devoid of all sufferings and pains of samsara., He is a maverick. He is intelligent. He takes advantage of this weakness of human mind. The human mind is peculiar. From thousands of years the human thinking process has been CONDITIONED to believe, that there IS a state possible (2) for an un-interrupted peace and happiness, you call it salvation or enlightenment or liberation or living in the god’s world. Or whatever Now these gurus ask you to do some repetitive rituals they give you a mantra. The TM a pyramid, or a doom shape room, and a hyper-ventilation technique, like this where you exhale faster than inhaling, and you exhaust all the residual co2, this residual a small amount of co2, is necessary to produce a stimulus, for taking a new breath. And it is not there. It takes time to build up, So, a fraction of a second, there is no oxygen and you experience a state of hallucination. This the intelligent guru calls it trance or God experience. And gets a patent for this. Another joker like mystic makes you dance or a body revolving kind of, brisk activity, which acts like a catharsis and you feel a hypnotic experience. The point here is, everybody wants this one or the other kind of floating in the air. Call it TRANCE kind of experience. The levitating kind of experience. There is absolutely NO spiritual experience whatsoever. But a feel of floating in the air. Everybody is curious about this. These are mostly university graduates aged between 25 and 35. And, this guru, this Bhagavan is a very well read, educated man. A talkative fellow. He is a wordsmith, like a goldsmith. He mesmerizes people. He himself claims that he has attained liberation, or enlightenment. And you FALL into it. It is a TRAP a mouse trap. And they command you to blindly follow whatever they say. Keep doing some nonsense rituals repeat and repeat khaki pissing and pissing. And with this the guru becomes a clutch for you. You completely depend on him. You lose your freedom. You cannot stand on your own two feet. He has to carry you. All religions are clutches. They take away your freedom.

That is, it It was doing good when they started. But, today. They sell false promises. But You think you are discovering. Finding out and trying to hold it but here is catch 22. After 40 years of age the brain starts shrinking, losing its ability. The Ability to pay attention and grasping becomes impossible. The Memory fails. And therefore, the brain can do only a parrot’s job. People there are parrots They Simply repeat whatever is fed to them. Doing the same old things day in and day out. The fact is, all practices, all rituals all that chanting, that temple running, all that meditation all 100 types of dhyana’s, everything is a waste. No method. No formula no path, no practice, no jap mala no beads counting, will ever free you from the shackles of mind. None of these will liberate you from your worries and suffering. Forget it, nothing gives you, peace of mind. Your questions, who created the world what is the meaning of life?? Etc. are a waste of time. This messy creation called mind and the thoughts and those experiences all that has created all this mess. And the gurus take advantage of this.

Whom should you blame??, So finally you see, it is not knowing about life… It is not giving a meaning or purpose, to human life. It is sheer ignorance. Nobody knows everything about life., It is not at all necessary… It is LIVING LIFE that is most important. JUST LIVE. THIS IS ZEN, Live here and at this moment. Live with those likeminded people who also share this with you. This you will experience firsthand by paying attention to life as you live. And for you to really become able to pay attention to anything you must relinquish all your greed and selfish practices. You must relinquish all your ownership, proprietorship, civil, revenue, possessions in your name. You must take to a very simple life, a life of adversity not affluence. If you are above 40 stops working somewhere for a salary and money Stop earning and shopping. And my dear friends this is the path of Zen I have a personal experience of this. Only this has all the qualifications. You go through it you will understand, I just say I am, in the right direction and I have confidence because I get the results, from this, then and there…… You take risk… Give a try. …. If it works for you if you, get the results you accept it. Otherwise, flush it through the toilet. There are no tall promises in Zen. … There is no teaching and nothing to believe and follow… It is you who take responsibility to your life and live your life… You will teach yourself. No body teaches you anything. At The most that could there is just a pointing of the finger to the moon. You should see the moon. The finger is not the moon. YOU STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET No matter if you are shaky.

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