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The story of an elaichi (cardamom)

There was an aromatic elaichi in the village. People highly valued and honored it. The elaichi was proud of its status and looked down up on the neighbouring wheat grains. People told the grains to evolve into elaichi kind and gain respect. The grains, feeling sad about their conditions, set out for a search and reached plum village. Here they joined the company of milk and sugar and turned out to be a delicious payasam. (Sweet porridge).

With the time passing, the elaichi retired from its big post and But it loved to go to marriages and churches, meet people and talk about its glory of the past. People became fed up with the same old stories and slowly moved away. Elaichi felt depressed. One day, it met those wheat grains and was surprised at its new form. Learning bout the plum village, elaichi went there and spoke to the teacher. The teacher asked elaichi to renounce the "elaichi hood," and become nothing. Elaichi said, "I have lots of things to achieve. I have no time not. I will come later".

It went home and sat in its room with a mobile and TV. It took the way of its elders. They all had suffered from problems of forgetfulness. Elaichi joined their league, became a junk. The. Porridge survived but the elaichi old and meek, fell a prey to an insect called corona.

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