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The dosa batter bakes by itself into a finely roasted masala dosa.

After plumvillageindia news of vesak 2022, the community practicing mindfulness near Mysore, is back to life. On the traditions of Thich Nhat Hanh with basics of nonviolance, compassion, (ahimsa and karuna) retreats have begun. This WordPress site is a practicing center, a true home away from home. A monastery as well as a short stay place.

At several stages in your life you might have faced embarrassing setbacks and disappointments. And so, you may enter the practice hall with a desire to prove your worth in the spiritual field by attaining enlightenment.

This is just an egoistic idea, of a childish mind. We all humans create such fantasies and follow them. Some people repeat this over and over again and will be completely lost in such egocentric ideas. This is called karma.

If your practice is based on any idea of gaining something, then this karmic spinning is ruling the roost. We are careful about this. Our practice contains the vigilance or awareness which cuts off this karmic spinning.

It is to simply allow ourselves to take a leap into uncertainties. The only thing we are sure and certain about is our faith. There is nothing else. And the grass grows by itself, as Jesus says. It is to allow the wheat dough in the oven to transform itself into a finely baked bread.

You don't have to break your head: the dosa batter on the hot pan will transform itself into a roasted Dosa.

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