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Be Rich, Study science!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Applied Buddhism does not mean being poor. If Bhutan was rich like U.K., then it would have been a far more happier country. Buddhism encourages all aspects of good life like wealth, health, generosity, freedom and equality.

It is only in a rich society that people get good education , high standards of living and conducive environments for a joyful living. They use money to buy small things of happiness like a toy, a snack or a comic book.

More than anything, people are open to study science, progress and be free and independent. The study of science is crucial and invaluable in making life more meaningful. Otherwise they would spend time in some religious schools studying a millenia old stories supposed to be told by god, about how earth evolved, how life began and so on. They are so stupid that no man with sanity will buy them. (The satya narayana story)

India is neither rich nor Buddhist. India's happiness rank is 139.

This fact speaks everything.

Last note: After passage of another 3 or 4 generations, all big religions, Christianity already being there, will be available only in museums. Godmen and priests find newer jobs.

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