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Just a Balancing Act On Two feet

I am a student. Just a student. I have been learning and expanding my knowledge. But my core, fundamental interest and my subject of study has not changed, it has remained the same over years. My interest is. This life This living, as we live in this day and to live a good life. I mean, a life of much more happiness and much less suffering and disappointment. In other words, this is my philosophy. I keep thinking about this, contemplating and inquiring and reasoning out. So, I am a philosopher, Phil means love and Sophie means wisdom… I love wisdom That is who I am not a doctor of medicine or follower of a religion. No nothing And I am sure the path of wisdom, the dispassionate inquiry takes me to a life of freedom a life of fulfilment. So, I say the essence of my philosophy is living this life and naturally it is it is the man, the human being, that is the central character here. It is a man-centered study. No divinity or idea or faith.

I feel man’s dignity and spirit should be kept high. . above everything. In the human history, of culture and evolution man is the most important element. So, his spirit of individual freedom sovereignty is of vital importance. Man should not live under any one’s mercy or any power, or ideology or faiths. He must be free to find out things for himself Freedom is the most essential feature of a worthwhile life Man should not feel petty and small before any man-made faiths, institutions, possessions, and wealth He should not become a slave. In modern times for the unthinking common man, his false I.D., say id of a religion or a nation, gives room for violence whenever, he has to confront another religious I.D. This is, a blind fire man kills man. Every battle, every war is a crime. So, a correct handling of this fire is a delicate work of wisdom and patience. A good amount of intellectual work, a well rooted philosophy is an absolute necessity. So, a reasoning a doubting … a questioning is necessary So a need for acting justly to employ courage. and also, a need to cultivate a discipline A need to inculcate serenity or tranquility.

If you take a path of mindfulness then you see some light for all these problems Here the man is most important this present life is most important So no war and no domination would be there. This is surprisingly a meditative contemplative life. sometimes also called Zen which is just another word for lookingobserving being aware or paying intense attention. This is our path There is no mysticism, here. Also, it is not anti-intellectual. And as some people interpret the, primitive Buddhism could lean towards nihilism, OR fatalism but not our Zen Our path is Lasses-faire Lasses-faire a French word for ‘allowing things to take their own course’. No interference I CALL THIS LASSEZE FAREISM There is no dogmatic belief HERE No sacred book or teaching … No teacher No blind belief the student, teaches himself. He is himself a philosopher. He has to inquire find out. And follow a discipline. And understand the reality of what a human being is and it is not a foolish altruism It is truly about man’s productiveness his accomplishments. His Evolving AND NOW YOU SEE While we go deep into this, we face another reality about ourselves. We have mirror neurons in our brains That means When you are suffering for some reason, I also mirror it I suffer. When you smile, I smile? Why is it so?? It is because basically we are all INTER connected and inter dependent, we are not absolutely independent and free want it or not we are manufactured like this. So, I cannot kill you If I do, I would be killing my own part. This is no altruism A KIND OF SELFISHNESS. A realty This means we have a collective life as well as an individual life. We must navigate in such a way. That we balance both. Our path is this. We Walk with this wisdom. A balancing act. Taking care of the everyday life in its fullest essence.

No ideal no dis agreement Nothing

It is blancing on two feet!

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