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It is not the ripe time - Zen talks

After plumvillageindia news of vesak 2022, the community practicing mindfulness near Mysore, is back to life. On the traditions of Thich Nhat Hanh with basics of nonviolance, compassion, (ahimsa and karuna) retreats have begun. This WordPress site is a practicing center, a true home away from home. A monastery as well as a short stay place.

You are probably wasting your time in ashrams or hill caves, if you are trying to attain the so called enlightenment. As Indians believe, most probably you are repaying your karma debts of earlier life, if you are trying to find enlightenment.

Our main concern in this practice is to take care of the physical body, to take the erect, stable posture for sitting or standing or walking. Only then we are able to learn the new habit of being in the present moment.The body is one important tool available for us to practice awareness.

The next important part of our practice is to be mindful of the breathing. This is another important tool available for us. And we practice mindfulness. That is it. Whether you understand the deep philosophy of buddhism or not is immaterial.

So, better you stop your temptation to analyse and understand the four noble truths, the three jems and the eight fold path and so on. The time is not ripe for that.

Answer this crucial question: Are you comfortable with sitting in an erect stable posture, for some five minutes at a stretch, with an unwavering mind and aware of the breath ? So, here is the importance of repeated practice. Get back to practice hall and seat cushions.

- Dharma talk by Br.Dr.Ranga Nath Mastar

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