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How Zen Meditation Changed My Life and What I Learned from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a remarkable person who inspired millions of people with his creativity, intuition, and shrewdness. He was able to tap into the source of creativity that lies within all of us, and use it to create products that changed the world. He was also a practitioner of Zen meditation, which helped him focus his mind and achieve his goals.

I have always admired Steve Jobs and wanted to follow his footsteps. I had a dream of building a health-care empire with a new vision. But I faced many challenges along the way. I struggled with my emotions, distractions, and lack of focus. I needed a way to calm my mind and unleash my potential.

That's when I discovered the book "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki, a Zen master who built the Tassajara Zen monastery. This was the same book that inspired Steve Jobs to practice Zen meditation. I decided to give it a try and see what it could do for me.

I started to practice Zen meditation regularly, under the guidance of a Japanese Zen master, Kobun Otogama. I learned to relax into myself, reach a calm state, and filter out unnecessary thoughts. I noticed a significant improvement in my concentration, creativity, and energy. I was able to make big progress in my field and achieve more than I ever imagined.

But then I came across some words of Steve Jobs that made me rethink my life. He said that he regretted not spending enough quality time with his kids and family members. He said that the wealth he created was useless, and that he traded his precious life for material things. He said that the challenge of balancing professional success with family responsibilities was a tight rope walk.

These words struck a chord with me. They echoed the sentiments of millions of people today, who are torn apart between being present for their children, family, and their work. They made me realize that there is more to life than personal accomplishments. They made me appreciate the value of life and the importance of relationships.

I learned a valuable lesson from Steve Jobs. Zen meditation is not only a tool for achieving success, but also a path for finding happiness. It is not only a way of focusing the mind, but also a way of opening the heart. It is not only a practice for the first stage of life, but also a practice for the higher stages of life.

Zen meditation changed my life for the better. It helped me find my purpose, passion, and peace. It helped me become a better person, a better leader, and a better human being. It helped me live a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, and joyful.

I invite you to try Zen meditation and see what it can do for you. You don't need to be a genius like Steve Jobs to benefit from it. You just need to be yourself, and be willing to learn. You just need to have a Zen mind, a beginner's mind.

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Vikas K
Mar 04

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