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Human being to a sage

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

After plumvillageindia news of vesak 2022, the community practicing mindfulness near Mysore, is back to life. On the traditions of Thich Nhat Hanh with basics of nonviolance, compassion, (ahimsa and karuna) retreats have begun. This WordPress site is a practicing center, a true home away from home. A monastery as well as a short stay place.

We are not interested in what happens after death or about our previous birth etc. We have a question.

We have seen some sages who have overcome the dissatisfaction's of life. They live a life of peace and love for others. How could they do it? Can we do it? And how? That is our question, exactly.

We are concerned about how an ordinary human being is transformed into a sage.

It is like this; we love the sweet dish, atimadhura, a kerala delicacy of cooked rice, coconut and jaggery. We want to know how they make it. How the raw rice and jaggery would transform themselves into a sweet like that.

The secret is, you make it again and again, till you become an expert in it .

You are not to bother about from where the rice comes and where is jaggery made and so on.

You may feel cooking the same thing again and again is boring. But you should not lose interest and drop out.

You have to put rice and jaggery on the fire and just watch. When the time is ripe, they both transform themselves into a new avatar.

This is enlightenment, your transformation into a sage. Now move to the question, how? Find the practice center, India plum village.

A dharma talk by Br. Ranga Nath Master

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