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God-less World

Your father was poor, innocent and uneducated. so he could believe in God. You can not.

You are educated, civilized and rich, with an ability to reason out. It is extremely hard for modern educated man to be a devotee of God. On the other hand, the poor, uneducated, innocent and a simpleton will easily believe in God. Only the poor can honestly accept his immoral acts and free himself from any guilt before a God. The educated and intelligent will offer many explanations and escape an admonition. So all the rituals, incense and flowers and chanting, that you do now, mimicking your father will not benefit you. It turns out to be a decorated show, and so, you are bound to live in a god-less world. Now with the changed situation you cannot go back and become poor and innocent again. You will have to take courage and live in a 'God-less' world. You have to take courage to own responsibility for your life. To stand on your own two feet. There is no other way except accepting this reality of life. It's impossible to define or explain life, in a god-less world, yet we must live with this uncertainty. You can always love and thus

You will find that life is worth living though difficult to explain without a god.

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Zen disciple
Zen disciple
Jan 17, 2023

Dr Ranganath is not raking up to the old question of denying or affirming the existence of God. He voices the plight of millions of youths like me who have lost the innocence of their grandfathers and the subsequent faith in God. Though our education did a lot of good things it removed( destroyed?)

the god from our lives, but kept the guilt intact. So we are left with problems like existential crisis, guilt and suffering. Doctor is giving voice to this. But it appears to me that the doctor is again an idealist, in his offering of " selfless love" as an alternative. It is a flower in the sky. He lives in a forest with little basic ameniti…

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