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Develop an ego and then lose it

You already know that anxiety lethargy and depression are signs of personal unrest. This happens to all of us while we pass out of one stage of life to the next stage. There are many stages of development in human life. Passing from one stage to the next stage is suffering. It is pain. But the willingness to shoulder this pain though difficult in the beginning works out well in the end. I will give you some examples of a few stages. The stage of infancy that fantasy of omnipotence. The infant will have desire for total possessions of his parents. The all-powerful omnipotence of adolescence. The rebel minds. Then the agility of youth and attractiveness. Several forms of temporal powers like position money popularity. The last one is giving up of self and the life itself. I said it is a pain to pass from one stage to next. Yes. But it is a legitimate suffering and very natural. It is crucial that one must give up his old ways of earlier stage and then hold on to the realities of the next stage. That is growth. Growth should also mean letting go and giving up of our cherished behaviours like winning the game always or a desire to control things.

On the other hand, it is becoming susceptible before the other person opening up of our heart and giving up or dropping the dear possessions. This is what we call growth. The outcome is life becomes less personal and more collective. In fact, life is more of a collective nature than a personal one. We must be willing to give up our cherished notions of our old ways of life which are no more a reality. It is a pain to give up the old one and assume the demands of the new phase of life. It demands substantial dedication responsibility and hard work. Some people grow up bodily physically but not mentally. These grown ups act like kids with no seriousness and no sense of responsibility. And later when they reach middle age they suffer from all sorts of mental illnesses. The next higher stage of development of man will always give him more leverage and advantage and you gain more and lose less. When you reach your middle age around forty to fifty you must give up your job. Then you gain more freedom and gain a lot of time for yourself. The wisdom of life lies in building your ‘self’ till your middle age and dismantle it in your old age. By doing so you will expand your capacity for connecting with more people and more of life. Then the self dissolves. That experience itself is enthralling. Giving up the self may look like a cruel joke of the destiny. But it is not so. It is in the giving up of self that human beings can find the most ecstatic joy of life. It is a solid durable joy of life. This in simple words is a de-centralisation of the ego. You must have something gained by you in order to give up. You can not give up some thing that you don’t have. If you say you have given up winning with out ever having won any thing you are where you were- still a loser.

You must develop an ego before you lose it. How wonderful it is you see! Thank you

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