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Destination is same but path is different

In my youthful days, I had some destinations to reach. A good job, a dream house, a car, some positions, reputation etc.

While most people work hard for that distant future with a very long road, I adopted a different strategy. I had several "stop over" brief destinations, which gave strength and joy.

In the hospital where I worked, I had an option to surrender my privilage leave, and work and get an extra salary for it. Most people grabbed that money. I was the lone crazy fellow who opted for leave refusing money. There by, I could take my family on an adventure cum holidaying trips of more than a month's duration to destinations like Andaman, Nepal, Sikkim meghalay, Rajasthan deserts, Thailand and Himalayan hills etc. I built my house at sixtieth year, bought a car at fiftieth year and reached those 'normal' destinations also.

I delayed the arrival to these formal destinations as much as possible and it worked wonderfully. Now my son is on such smaller destinations, going to Sikkim next month.

As is the father so is the son.

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