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Thoughts of offence or suicide and zen

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Thoughts of suicide do not come from outside sources, they are made inside. The frequent cause is a low self esteem or a sick ego, which is characterised by a belief that you are not good or up to the mark or you can not do well in any work. All negative ideas.

"I am not good/ or up to the mark" is your own belief which you have never questioned. Your belief could be wrong. But the deeply cherished low self esteem prevents you from seeing the reality.

But harbouring so much of negative thoughts does not prevent you from taking a college degree and working in a company, getting married and touring he world. You may also practice Buddhism where you show compassion to others and serve others.

But you will never excuse yourself. You cant love your own life. Living a life with this kind of superficial values for a length of time ends up in disappointment and the frustrations brew up. This leads to thoughts of suicide and offence.

When you sincerely start practicing living moment to moment and mindfully, you will leave behind all negative thoughts.

Life looks worthwhile to live.

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