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Depression is a solution and not a problem.

The tears in the eyes, sweat in palm are energies of the body and they are to be spent. It is energy in motion, the emotion. So crying is healthy. You all agree, a child cries for a while and becomes fine again. So also is depression. It is body's way of restoration of normalcy. If you are ashamed of it and fight to remove it, it goes to an extreme. And becomes a sickness. The drive for this kind of functions is not visible. It's hidden in the deep corners of mind. In the normal course, you don't notice it and you can't control it. This is the reason why you keep doing what you are doing. (Cry) The role of this unconscious force is bigger than that of our wakeful, conscious mind. This is a kind of script for a play. Story is already written.

The father does not marry off his daughter and the son also does not marry off his daughter. It all goes on like this. Man's task is to become conscious of the contents of his unconscious mind. There is an inter play between the conscious and the unconscious all the time. The individual must attempt to make the unconscious become conscious. Then you will know why you do what you do. (Cry). So you can get to the root of the crying, there is the problem. Probably a miserable and tortuous childhood and so on. That's how depression is a solution and not a problem.

Our way of meditation will largely help these sufferers.

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